Assassin’s Creed and the Origins trilogy. Where will it end?

Assassin’s Creed Origins was not only the return of the assassins after a necessary rest, it also started a new trilogy . In the absence of an official name, this series of three games has been dubbed ‘Ancient Trilogy’ by the community, which tries to guess the next locations of the next chapter of the series, following the winks and clues left by the last premiere . It was known that we were going to Greece even before arriving in Egypt, but what will it be after exploring Hellenic territory?

It is evident that the beginning to which Origins appeals continues with Odyssey , that the birth of the brotherhood is something that we will see between these two and that will culminate in the closing of the trilogy. The logical course is that the Hidden ones that now extend by Egypt and Greece finish deriving in The Brotherhood , and this is where the things become interesting. Aya, Bayek’s partner, is now Amunet, who we know will be the mentor of the Roman creed that Ezio will be part of. Are we going to Italy?

First base of the murderers was built in Masyaf

First base of the murderers was built in Masyaf

There is an important factor that makes us deviate from this hypothesis and that, according to the official chronology of the series, the first base of the murderers was built in Masyaf , in Syrian territory. The end of the journey of this trilogy should refer to Acre, Jerusalem and Damascus, leave the land settled to connect with Al Mualim and Altair, but the importance of Amunet in Origins and the prominence of the Spartans in Odyssey suggest that the natural is finish in Rome. There are pending accounts with the Roman Empire and it would not be surprising that with Alexios and Kassandra the thing was more.

And if Ubisoft knows something, it’s going to be more. The French have not been fans of putting doors to the field in the design of stages for a long time, they like to boast of scale and that is something that remains a potential asset within the franchise. Seen this way, it is more than possible that what comes after Odyssey includes more than one country . Now is when we start dreaming. If the cradle of modern civilization is born of the triumvirate between Egypt, Greece and Rome, it is possible that the end of the Ancient Trilogy ends with the largest of the three cultures at territorial level.

The Origins

The Origins

To cover the Roman Empire in its two parts is perhaps to aim very high, and if I have to bet for some I prefer the Western one. We would go to Italy, to the south of France, to Spain and to the western part of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, with Sardinia and Corsica as central territories . Looks a lot like? It can be, but seen the recreation of Egypt and Greece that we will see in Odyssey – three times the extension of its predecessor – the logical thing is to aim high. We could see the Punic Wars recreated or, centuries later, the barbarian invasions, and even the creation of Hispania.

It may seem secondary, but given the documentary value that Ubisoft is printing in its latest installments – Origins has a Discovery Tour that Odyssey will surely inherit -, wasting the cultural potential of the Roman Empire seems an opportunity they will hardly want to miss in the studio. As a point against is the fact of having already visited Rome, Florence and Venice with Ezio, but this time we would be doing it several centuries in advance and covering much more territory, in addition to simultaneously. Makes sense.

I think the Origins trilogy will culminate at the doors of our house . It is a logical end in many ways, and would package three games that clearly would be part of the same project, the same family. Egypt and Greece take us irrefrenably to Rome, it remains to be seen if the murderers follow that same path, and that is to end up with the germ of the Auditore family would be a cherry, a touch of affection and nostalgia, that this franchise needs for a long time.

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