Harry Potter Wizards Unite, HPWU: new trailer “Call to Sorcerers”

The highly anticipated “Harry Potter GO” is revealed a little more with this latest trailer, where muggles face magical anomalies of all kinds.

Calling All Sorcerers out today

Calling All Sorcerers out todayThe clock is ticking and the release of the highly anticipated Harry Potter Wizards Unite is approaching. A final trailer called “Calling All Sorcerers” is out today. He asks wizards all over the world to fight against the magic that has infiltrated the muggle world.

Directed in an original and fine way, it mixes camera on the shoulder, images of video-surveillance and of course films coming from telephones to show that our world is threatened by the magic anomalies coming from the famous universe of JK Rowling.

Some parts of the trailer (cats trying to catch the snitch, or the passage with the Niffler) had already been revealed in earlier teasings . On the other hand, some passages of the trailer are entirely new, like the arrival of the Death Eaters on a sports ground, or the crossing of a highway toll by a Nimbus 2000.

Harry Potter Unite Wizards (HPWU for Intimate) is a mobile game that uses augmented reality to give the impression to the player to use magic on various targets (monsters, characters, enchanted objects …). In the manner of Pokemon GO where you have to capture a lot of critters, it will be necessary here to collect in a registry all the magic marks possible and imaginable.

As a reminder, the game is available via an APK on android mobiles and we explain to you how to download and install the APK for Harry Potter Wizards Unite !

Harry Potter Wizards Unite, HPWU: list of spells

Harry Potter Wizards Unite, HPWU: list of spells

Check out all the spells you can learn and use on the Harry Potter Wizards Unite mobile game, which will be available on iOS and Android.

Each Retrouvable in Harry Potter Wizards Unite must be released, captured or attacked with a different spell. Its threat level will be indicated by this famous clock that we see in the Fantastic Animals.

The higher the threat level, the more difficult it will be to return the Retrouvable (object, creature, or character) to the magical world. Once captured, the Retrouvable is written to your registry . Sometimes you have to capture the same Retrouvable several times in order to have your “photo” in the registry.

When a Retrouvable is too strong, you can use potions of strength.

Without further ado, here is the list of spells we already know. This list will be updated regularly.

First spell launched in the game to free Hagrid from a spider’s web.

This spell is used to cut anything (or anyone!). Hermione and Harry are often seen using it in the saga, as when it breaks the ice to retrieve the Gryffindor sword from the bottom of the lake.

Plot : just zigzag with your finger from the top left to the bottom right.

Spell launched during the fight between a Fléreur and a fire-breathing chicken.

This evil spell allows to enclose the target in a bubble of water.

Plot : starting from the center, go to the right then make a circle to the bottom right.

Spell thrown by Ron on a spider so that it becomes ridiculous.

This spell turns his biggest fear into something hilarious! We all remember the famous passage with Professor Lupine in the third volume (or film) of Harry Potter.

Plot : unknown at the moment

Spell used when fighting against other players or enemies.

This spell helps to protect against an attack.

Plot : unknown at the moment.

Used on Professor Snape to free him from his jar.

Allows you to generate an explosion.

Plot : start from the tip at the top right then form a triangle.

Especially used to melt the ice.

The spell of flames that burns something.

Plot : Start from the tip on the bottom left to go up in triangle. Then go down to the bottom right and turn left. As if you were tracing an entire triangle.

Meteolojinx Recanto
Essentially used against moving objects such as snitch or brooms.

Spell that can cancel the effects of weather on an item.

Plotting : starting from the middle down, you have to do like a boomerang to the left.

This is the spell used by Harry Potter when he wants to help Dumbledore quench his thirst after drinking the poison.

The spell of water allows to extinguish the fire but also to fill containers of drinking water.

Plot : make a ripple from left to right.

Expecto Patronum
Spell used against Dementors.

Using your best memory, you can launch your patronus to defeat the Dementors.

Trace : Make a swirl from the center to the left.

Spell used for example to save Madam Sprout from its transformation into a plant.

A spell that ends an incantation.

Plot : from the lower left corner, go up right then down right and go back to the top left.

Used for example to free an animal from its chains.

Hex to unlock locks or release chains.

Plotting : starting from the top right, make a round almost complete. Before returning to your starting point, go straight down.

Iconic fate of the wise that is used at every turn! In HPWU, it is used to obtain a meal tray in the hostels.

This spell allows to bring back an object to itself by calling it.

Plot : just slide your finger from left to right in an arc.

Arresto Momentum
Remember this iconic scene when Dumbledore uses this spell to stop Harry’s fall at the Quidditch stage!

This spell stops or slows the movement of a target.

Trace : make the letter M with your finger, simply.

Mostly used when fighting werewolves and other enemies.

This spell of repoustout allows you to roll back or destroy an enemy / object.

Plot : from left to right, zigzag up.


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